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Silence of the Slams

It’s amazing how most things are made to fix problems. Well here’s a simple fix for you. Who would have thought that a simple piece of polyurethane would help you get a late night snack without being caught? or Waking up the baby? You’re up at 2am going to the kitchen to finish off the last bag of potato chips, open the pantry, close the door, WHAM!. The door closes and wakes the whole house up! Not cool. The wife is up, the baby is crying, and all you wanted was to satisfy the need for late night carbs.

Well, we have the solution to this problem. The WS-58SD quiet close bumper. It’s simple design is a soft rippled face which absorbs and compresses sound. These rubber bumpers are excellent for quieting slamming cabinet doors.

1 thought on “Silence of the Slams

  1. I love the quiet close bumpers. They really work! five stars for that product. Especially good for elderly homes. No more loud cabinet slam sounds.

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