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Pocket Hole Screws

Coarse Tread 1.25" Pocket Hole Screw

Well, we’ve officially entered the realm of pocket hole screws. Pretty much everyone these days knows what a pocket hole screw is mainly because of a company called Kreg, but the fastener system goes back much further than that. Manufacturers such as Ritter and Castle have had the “pocket screw” technology for much longer than Kreg, but Kreg was the first one to make it affordable to the every-day DIY woodworker. Years ago when I worked in a cabinet shop, I used to assemble face frames for cabinets using a Castle TSM-21. This machine was amazing as it allowed you to assemble face frames without clamps. Before that, I had to use a SenClamp corrugated fastener and clamps to hold the frames together while the glue dried.

Now, Castle, Ritter, and Kreg have made this a much easier process because of pocket hole screws. Albeit, the Castle machine is the fastest machine out there for drilling pocket holes, the speed is still lucrative with the Kreg Jig. I used to say that machine was worth it’s weight in gold. doesn’t offer any machinery to drill pocket holes, but we do offer high quality wood screws for fastening using this revolutionary joinery system. Please take a look at our pocket hole section to find the fastener you need today! Pocket Hole Screws

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