Rubber Bumpers

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Rubber bumpers are a great way to solve many different problems. Typically, when someone says “rubber bumpers” they are actually referring to polyurethane because rubber just isn’t as versatile and tough as polyurethane. Whether you need to silence a noisy kitchen with cabinet bumpers or you need to have a non-skid foot for a cutting board to sit on top of a counter, rubber bumpers are a great way to solve these problems. We have customers from all over the world who use our site to order bumpers for all types of different applications. The rubber polyurethane bumpers are easy to find and easy to order in any quantity.

Bumpers for all types of cabinets
Our Quietest Polyurethane Cabinet Bumper
WS-58 Quiet Close

The WS-58 Quiet Close Cabinet Bumper is one of the best on the market today. It is made of softer durometer polyurethane and its water drop shape is engineered to dissipate and minimize sound when cabinet doors are closed.
1/2″ Diameter x 13/64″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 3.4¢ per bumper

$9.97$208.86Select options

Builder’s Choice Cabinet Bumper
WS-12 Semi Round

The WS-12 is the builder’s choice of cabinet bumpers. Economical and well designed, these soft durometer polyurethane cabinet bumpers are often selected by commercial and homebuilders.
3/8″ Diameter x 5/32″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 4.0¢ per bumper

$9.97$329.49Select options

The “Standard” Cabinet Bumper
WS-34 Flat Top Cabinet Bumper

The flat top is the first and best-selling design of all cabinet bumpers. This particular model is what you will see on most prefab cabinets on the market today.
3/8″ Diameter x 1/8″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 2.7¢ per bumper

$10.97$181.10Select options

Thin & Quiet Cabinet Bumper
WS-33 Giza Max

The Giza Max’s unique design allows this bumper to dissipate sound nearly as well as much thicker cabinet bumpers on the market today. Use these when thickness is an issue.
1/2″ Diameter x 5/32″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 4.0¢ per bumper

$9.97$213.37Select options

Large Flat Top Cabinet Bumper
WS-01 Ole Faithful

Another flat top cabinet bumper just a little bit larger in diameter. This bumper is excellent for use on cabinet refacings where cabinet doors may not line up just right on the face frame of the cabinet.
1/2″ Diameter x 9/64″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 3.7¢ per bumper

$9.65$213.37Select options

Super Thin Round Top Bumper
WS-25 Bump Top Bumper

A very thin small cabinet bumper. This bumper is excellent when you absolutely do not want someone to notice cabinet bumpers on your cabinet. These bumpers will minimize the wood-on-wood sound.
1/4″ Diameter x 5/64″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 3.6¢ per bumper

$11.97$171.58Select options

Full Hemispherical Bumper*
WS-22 Hemispherical Cabinet Bumper

These bumpers are an economical choice for use where drawers are often slammed shut. The large thickness enables these to minimize the g-force of a slamming drawer.
3/8″ Diameter x 7/32″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 3.0¢ per bumper

$10.99$185.90Select options

Top Hat Bumper (Sometimes used as a standoff)
WS-06 Thick Standoff

These cabinet bumpers are more often used as a standoff or foot for wood projects. Occasionally, though, they are used for cabinet bumpers for particular applications.
1/2″ Diameter x 1/4″ Thick, Clear
As Low as: 4.6¢ per bumper

$11.97$274.97Select options

Rubber bumpers are a great way to isolate vibration and minimize sound. Here at, we pride ourselves on offering the best product at the best price for any bumper application.

Order rubber bumpers today for a great price from a great selection. We ship quickly no matter what quantity you order.