Announcements – Widest Selection of Polyurethane Rubber Bumpers

  • Silence of the Slams - It's amazing how most things are made to fix problems. Well here's a simple fix for you. Who would have thought that a simple piece of polyurethane would help you get a late night snack without being caught? or Waking up the baby? You're up at 2am going to the kitchen to finish off the ...more
  • Bumpers, Shelf Pins and Wood Screws Cabinet Bumpers, Shelf Supports, and Wood Screws - All types of polyurethane cabinet bumpers, feet, and standoffs for almost every application in almost any quantity! Whether you are looking for 40 or 40,000 bumpers, you have reached the net's most dedicated site to bumpers. Looking for new bumpers, you found them! Looking for a specific model / brand of bumpers ... you found ...more