Announcements – Widest Selection of Polyurethane Rubber Bumpers

  • Coarse Tread 1.25" Pocket Hole Screw Pocket Hole Screws - Well, we've officially entered the realm of pocket hole screws. Pretty much everyone these days knows what a pocket hole screw is mainly because of a company called Kreg, but the fastener system goes back much further than that. Manufacturers such as Ritter and Castle have had the "pocket screw" technology for much longer than… ...more
  • Welcome from - You have most likely reached this page because you were looking for the website. We have recently decided to take this site down and consolidate to this site. Most items have been added to this site, but please reach out to us if you are trying to order something that's not currently listed.… ...more
  • Silence of the Slams - It's amazing how most things are made to fix problems. Well here's a simple fix for you. Who would have thought that a simple piece of polyurethane would help you get a late night snack without being caught? or Waking up the baby? You're up at 2am going to the kitchen to finish off the… ...more